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Please contact our Member Experience Coordinator, Dianne Hutchison, for specific questions surrounding your application for membership with RAFV.

Please call Dianne @ 630-232-2360 ext 101 to schedule your membership appointment.
All applications are processed by appointment.

What will you need to bring?

  • Completed Application (w/ all sponsor signatures)
  • A Fees Page (Dianne will email this to you)
  • A copy of your completed 45-Day Permit Sponsor Card
  • Letter of Good Standing (Transfer Members Only)
  • Your payment (we accept check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AmEx)

How long will this take?

We pride ourselves on strong customer service at RAFV. Most appointments take 45 minutes. You will be given our full attention. Come prepared to soak in a lot of info about your new Association.

What should I know before my appointment?

Not too much. We will guide you through this process. It might help to speak with your Managing Broker about the “SentriLock” system prior to coming in. Know whether you want to get a SentriLock card the day of your appointment, or if you would rather hold off till your business gets moving. If you want a card, you will be asked to complete an additional form and make an additional payment. Ask us about this fee when you call to set up your appointment!


Designated REALTOR® (DR) Application (MLS Office Form)
This individual is the head of the office. If you are opening your own office, ask about additional fees. We will also ask you for the paperwork you have filed with IDFPR for your company name. Licensed real estate managing broker.

REALTOR® / Broker – Application
This individual is being sponsored by a Managing Broker. Licensed real estate broker.

Designated REALTOR® Appraiser (DRA) – Application (MLS Office Form)
This member is a licensed real estate appraiser. This member type is eligible for a SentriLock card. Don’t be confused by the term REALTOR® – this member type is not a licensed real estate broker.

REALTOR® Appraiser (RA) – Application
This individual is an appraiser working under a DRA. While RA’s are not technically sponsored by DRA’s, we will require a letter from the DRA stating you are working under his/her company name.This member type is eligible for a SentriLock card. Don’t be confused by the term REALTOR® – this member type is not a licensed real estate broker.


TRANSFERS – Application

If you are transferring from another association, be sure to ask them for a Letter of Good Standing. This will be required to come to RAFV. The letter should provide us with your: local join date, NRDS ID number, and the date of your New Member Orientation completion. Our Member Service Specialist will determine if you need to re-take Orientation with RAFV. She will also help you to determine your transfer fees.

Internal Transfer

If you are transferring internally and already belong to another RAFV office, we simply require you to submit the to us the following via email or fax:

Board of Choice¹

All local associations are assigned an approximate jurisdiction, that being said we all honor NAR’s Board of Choice policy. Simply put, you may join any board you would like in your state as long as your managing broker is also a member of said board.

¹The primary board of affiliation elected by a REALTOR ® must be in the state where the REALTOR ® is licensed and maintains his/her principal place of business. Licensees affiliated with a REALTOR ® firm may choose as their “primary” board any board in the state where the firm maintains a “Designated” REALTOR®.

We suggest you speak directly to your Managing Broker about your REALTOR® membership.

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