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If you are a REALTOR®, Designated REALTOR® (DR), REALTOR® Appraiser, Designated REALTOR® Appraiser (DRA), or Leasing Agent (“Agent” is understood as being any of these applicant types), please follow the steps below.
  • Agent accesses on-line application. Click HERE.
  • RAFV receives notification that the app has been completed
  • RAFV sends an email the following to the DR or DRA, and agent:
    1. Requiring either a 45 day permit or a printout/printscreen from IDFPR showing the Managing Broker (DR) has accepted, or at least applied for, sponsorship of the agent
    2. Fee pages (initial and monthly fees); both pages must be signed and returned to RAFV with 3 business days
  • RAFV receives items requested from DR and agent
  • Agent emails RAFV for an appointment
  • When the above are completed, meets via Zoom with the agent for 30 to 45 minutes to complete the sign-up procedure
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