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Market Data Resources

Kane & Kendall County's Market Trends: Download Monthly Infographics

Empower yourself and your clients with the latest market trends and year-over-year comparisons in our infographic for RAFV members. Stay ahead of the curve in the Fox Valley's dynamic real estate landscape with this invaluable resource, packed with key data points and insightful visualizations. The data is provided for Kane and Kendall Counties individually and for the entire RAFV geography. Data is for the preceding month, as well as Year-over-Year change.

Dive into valuable data at your fingertips:

  • Median Sales Price: Track the pulse of property values and gain insights into affordability trends.
  • Closed Sales: See how market activity compares year-over-year, understanding buying and selling trends.
  • Average Days on Market: Gain a snapshot of market speed and adjust your listing or purchasing strategies accordingly.
  • Total Sales Dollar Volume: Understand the overall market health and identify potential investment opportunities.
  • Months of Inventory: Understand market competition and adjust client expectations accordingly.
  • New Listings: Stay ahead of emerging trends and identify potential buyer opportunities.
  • Active Listings: Gauge overall market activity and tailor your strategies for both buyers and sellers.
  • Pending Sales: Predict future market movements and anticipate potential shifts in supply and demand.

Visualized for Easy Interpretation

Our infographic presents complex data in clear charts and graphs, saving you time and effort. Quickly grasp market movements and emerging trends to advise your clients strategically.

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